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This is a fan website devoted to the animated series Family Guy and we are in no way connected to, or affiliated with FOX or Fuzzy Door in any way. The various pictures, videos and sounds are simply a way for us to share our appreciation for the show and its special brand of humor and to hopefully get you interested as well. We are huge fans of the show and encourage everyone to go out and buy the Family Guy seasons on DVD. Remember, this show was cancelled by Fox at one time. The DVD sales, and the incredible ratings on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, brought this show back from the dead! If we want to continue to follow the antics of Peter and the rest of the Griffin family we need to show our support. The best way to do that is to purchase a DVD, then you can watch your favorite episode anytime you like!

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"The Family Guy" TM and © FOX and it's related companies. This is a fan web site, and any multimedia (pictures, videos, sound clips, etc) are owned and copyrighted by FOX.


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